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Welcome to Krishna Reddy’s home!

K. V. Krishna Reddy is the founder of Yess! Media, an online media and software company based in HITECH City in Hyderabad. Krishna Reddy is a postgraduate from IIT Bombay, India’s most prestigious university for Science and Technology.

By nature, Krishna Reddy is a fun loving guy with a Spiritual bent.  By profession Krishna Reddy is a Software Architect. With him Krishna Reddy carries a rich experience of 12 years in a wide spectrum of specialties including Mobile Technologies, Online Media, and Software Architecture design with a special emphasis on software systems automation. At Yess! Media Krishna Reddy blends his rich experience and expertise in technology and media industry with the ageless wisdom of Spirituality (Nature, Body-Mind-Soul Science) to contribute to a better world, a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous World, ‘one idea at a time’. By education Krishna Reddy is a Physicist with a Master’s degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Krishna Reddy worked at several positions in various companies in Mumbai and Bangalore. Prior to starting his Yess! Media, Krishna Reddy worked as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of XKLSV Internet Media P Ltd at Bangalore. Before this he worked as Senior Software Engineer at Rediff.com, India’s leading online media company at Mumbai, where he designed and developed technologies for mobile services.

Here is a little more about Krishna Reddy in his own words: 

I describe myself as a simple guy with a childlike innocence, contagious smile and sparkling eyes that radiate love and compassion and sometimes a tinge of mischief! I am a Spiritual (but not superstitious or too religious) person. I considers himself as a semi expert in Vedanta and Science of Spirituality, the timeless wisdom of Self / Consciousness. I respect all the religions of the world and I have a deep respect for Hindu religion and culture, though I am not too religious. I am an immensely kind, compassionate and loving and caring person. I would love to serve the society in whichever way I can. I love to travel, play chess, swim, solve puzzles and do social service. Photography, videography and writing are my favorite hobbies.

I invite all those who are passionate about creating a Beautiful, Happy and Prosperous Mother Earth to share your ideas about realizing your Utopian Dreams a practical reality in the near future. If you are my friend, you can find me on and Facebook. For colleagues, ex-colleagues, collaborators, and potential business partners – feel free to add Krishna Reddy on your professional network at LinkedIn.

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