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Dear friends, Wish you a very happy Rakhsa Bandhan. Here is what my guru Sri Sri Ravishankar’s wisdom “This full moon is dedicated to the seers — the rishis. It is also called the raksha bandhan. Bandhan means bondage, raksha means protection. A bondage that protects you. Your bondage to… Read More »Sri Sri Ravishankar on Raksha Bandhan

Kanak Sri Party and Marriage Hall, Kandivali, Mumbai has launched its new website Kanak Sri Hall is one of the best marriage halls in Bombay. Kanak Sri Hall also serves as an Art of Living Center with weekly long Sudarshan Kriya, Satsangs etc happening there. It is a hub… Read More »Kanak Sri Hall, Mumbai launched website

Changed the domain of Art of Living blog to from Henceforth will be an all-in-one website for Art of Living info & updates.

Just bought the following domains: Indian Towns – Exclusive – Indian Business – Kanak Sri Hall – Art of Living – Indian Railways –  How are they?

Nobel prize 2010: who will get it? Hmm, Nobel prize 2010! Well, here I am talking particularly about the Nobel Peace Prize, which is most coveted, controversial and is considered to be very prestigious. Internet is a Nobel Peace Prize candidate as proposed by wired magazine. Now a days Michael… Read More »Nobel Prize 2010!