Dedicated to Goddess Shakti & Lord Shiva, this is Maa Mundeshwari Temple, in Kaimur district of Bihar. Though the structure is extensively damaged, this rare octagonal shrine has stood the test of time for 2,000 years. And is the oldest functioning temple in India today. #JaiMataDi #IncredibleIndia

Some rare people are gifted with incredible Blessing powers. Those who can Bless you are also given cursing powers by the Universe! So watch out your words and actions when you are around them! In fact my Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji once said, “Meditators / spiritual people first get cursing… Read More »Nature's Blessing and cursing powers…

“Opposition” party is a wrong and politically incorrect word. If the purpose of political parties is to work for the country’s development, then where is scope for opposition? Are the political parties meant to oppose and fight each other? Or are they are they meant to work for the progress of the country?!
Indian democracy and political system have, by and large, failed. There is something seriously wrong with the foundation of modern Indian political system which was based on wrong models simply aping the west. This political system encourages parties to ‘fight’ for power rather than serve country and thus indirectly encourages corruption, vote-bank politics and ‘populist’ exploitative tendencies. Thought leaders need to (re)think on suitable working political models that are growth-conducive and encourages people and parties to serve….
– Krishna ReddyRead More »Political reforms: Need of the hour

Google has made a huge difference to the world. It has innovated in each and everything field that it has touched. It does everything differently. Google does everything in the most optimum way,  exactly the way it should be done. Google does charity too in a different way. It has… Read More »Google does too charity differently!

I have come across this nice article by Gayatri of Gayatri Vantillu. Young & elderly couples may skip this article, because the former group is just initiated to their romantic life which wouldn’t have any  “Blues” and the older group has much more experience to share on “Blues”, where my… Read More »Ten rules of happy married life!

Nobel prize 2010: who will get it? Hmm, Nobel prize 2010! Well, here I am talking particularly about the Nobel Peace Prize, which is most coveted, controversial and is considered to be very prestigious. Internet is a Nobel Peace Prize candidate as proposed by wired magazine. Now a days Michael… Read More »Nobel Prize 2010!