Dear friends, Thank you for your overwhelming birthday wishes. I request you to please sign up on iDiya Social Network Web or Mobile app and create your profile. Also invite all your friends to join the network. And install iDiya Android app give a FIVE STAR rating on Android playstore,… Read More »Thank you friends for your birthday wishes! ?

  Dear Friends, I am developing a Corona Helpdesk /Healthcare Call Center platform initiated by a group of doctors . Can you suggest a good, simple, easily relatable name?How about “Check KaroNa”?! Please Suggest any other names that you think may be appropriate. Thanks in advance. – Krishna Reddy

Came across this very interesting article on recognizing your soulmate by Aletheia Luna (source) THE MOMENT YOU MEET YOUR TWIN FLAME IS THE MOMENT THE EARTH BENEATH YOUR FEET BEGINS TO SHIFT. I like to think of the meeting of two mirror souls as an existential earthquake: all of a sudden you… Read More »How to find your soulmate?

Consciousness is formless, shapeless (nirakara) and colorless, yet it contains all the forms, shapes and colors. Like white color contains all the colors of the rainbow. Like the ocean contains of all the waves. Like a sculptor can carve out unlimited shapes and statues out of a shapeless rock… Like a… Read More »Happy New Year 2017!

If there is something in your life that means a lot to you, you should not postpone it for a single day. – Sadhguru If there is something in your life that means a lot to you, you should not postpone it for a single day. #QOTD — Sadhguru (@SadhguruJV)… Read More »What is most Precious in your life?

Today is the 68th birthday of Mr. Ajit Balakrishnan, CEO of He is one of the greatest visionaries of our times, having founded a business that would rival the best in the frontiers of internet, he stands tall among Indian entrepreneurs of our times. I am happy to have… Read More »Happy Birthday Ajit Balakrishnan!

Spoorthi is my (K V Krishna Reddy’s) debut short film as an actor! This movie was directed by Kranthi Prasad and brought to you by Bharateeya Film Productions in association with Yess! Media. A short film on a young school student’s determination to win and the power of Yoga, spirituality &… Read More »Spoorthi – Will power

Krishna, the Eternal Celebration ABIDING IN THE SELF Abiding in the self you become the Valentine for the whole world. Spirit is the Valentine of matter and matter is the Valentine of the spirit. They are made for each other. They uphold each other. If you hold onto matter and… Read More »Make the Divine your Valentine

Have you ever dreamed of a Utopian World? Well, here is your chance to voice your dreams.Just started, a blog that dares to dream a Utopian World!

My blog traffic is shooting up doing well in traffic for the past few months!It is a combined traffic of several blogs/ websites which includes,,,, which now redirects to etc. Though it is a combined traffic of several sites, it’s good enough given that… Read More »Site traffic is shooting up!