This is the map of Indian states I have visited so far! 🙂 Brought to you by pratibha75, quizling and teemus. Get your map here – Which states in India have you been to?

It was good decision that Indian prime minister Narendra Modi ji has imposed lockdown throughout the country in view of Codid19 pandemic. It has helped the slow down the disease growth. It has instilled discipline and social distancing among the citizens. It has averted a loss of life. However the… Read More »Lockdown should be lifted with required measures

Dear friends, Wish you a very happy Rakhsa Bandhan. Here is what my guru Sri Sri Ravishankar’s wisdom “This full moon is dedicated to the seers — the rishis. It is also called the raksha bandhan. Bandhan means bondage, raksha means protection. A bondage that protects you. Your bondage to… Read More »Sri Sri Ravishankar on Raksha Bandhan

Here is the news from today’s discussion at Lokpal Drafting Committee Meeting shared by  Mr. Gitesh Devhane on the cause – India against corruption. Do your bit to spread the movement and get people to make a missed call to 022-61550789. . यह अधिक से अधिक स्पष्ट होता जा रहा है की केवल नागरिक दबाव और… Read More »Janlokpal Drafting Committee Meeting – India for an honest and sincere governance

With the current situation in India a Rang De Basanthi could be inevitable to rid the system of its evils. Here is an interesting conversation between me and my friends on the present anti-corruption movement in India.  Roshan D’Silva Really ridiculous what is happening in India. Whatever nonsense the baba… Read More »Rang De Basanthi could be inevitable

Enough is enough! We need a second independence war in India now   Inefficiency, incompetence, and ineffectiveness of the system   I am feeling intensely angry, frustrated and helpless…. frustrated over Indian legal system, corruption unethicalness in police, government administration politics and general public. We are extremely helpless about the…… Read More »We must fight injustice in India

Holographic nature of the universe is very interesting.. worth giving a thought to. Such concepts have been well known to our ancient Rishis for thousands of years. Our ancestors have discovered and documented (in our Hindu scriptures) some of the most intriguing laws of nature much before the modern science… Read More »Holographic Nature of universe by Gregg Braden

Kanak Sri Party and Marriage Hall, Kandivali, Mumbai has launched its new website Kanak Sri Hall is one of the best marriage halls in Bombay. Kanak Sri Hall also serves as an Art of Living Center with weekly long Sudarshan Kriya, Satsangs etc happening there. It is a hub… Read More »Kanak Sri Hall, Mumbai launched website

Just bought the following domains: Indian Towns – Exclusive – Indian Business – Kanak Sri Hall – Art of Living – Indian Railways –  How are they?