Music rehearsal by kids at the legendary St Michael Church, Mumbai St. Michael Church at Lady Jamshedji Road, Mahim, Bombay

A very nice coverage of Bandra Worli Sea Link and Mumbai city in general. Also see Mumbai sky scrapers update on

Miracle… Miracle… Jesus Christ bleeds !!Where: St.Michael Church in Mahim, Mumbai – 400016When: on 27.6.08 (Feast of our lady of perpetual succour)What: A red colored liquid, resembling blood started oozing out of the heart of Jesus Christ ‘s picture. Thousands from all faiths flocked to witness this “miracle”. Here is… Read More »Miracle at St Michael Church, Mahim, Mumbai

Bandra-Worli Sea Link in the making F.decorate(_ge(‘photo_notes’), F._photo_notes).notes_go_go_go(145158632, ‘’, ‘3.1444’); View mukhtartamboli786′ s map Taken in a place with no name (See more photos or videos here) Mahim, the part of Mumbai, where I live, has always been in news… For all possible reasons.Be it Bandra Worli Sea Link across… Read More »Mahim – the happening place

Mumbai Traffic Police, a short film by Krishna Reddy, at Mahim, Mumbai (Pause the song at the bottom and view this video.) See in this video, how faded and unreadable the parking signs are! As it is, parking space is scarce in Mumbai. To top it all, Mumbai Traffic Police… Read More »Beware: Mumbai Traffic Police tows away your vehicle