Ganesh Festival 2008 at Mumbai

Ganesh immersion 2008 in Arabian sea at Girgaon Chowpatty beach, Marine Drive, Mumbai.

This is the first movie from my new Sony handycam. Its a cool model with 40x optical zoom! (digital zoom is 2000x). It doesn’t have the hassles of video cassette and DVD..
It has a kewl 30 GB hard disk.

2 thoughts on “Ganesh Festival 2008 at Mumbai”

  1. Hemishha's Observation Deck

    hey k man
    that was too good. only would like to give u some suggestions

    a. you should have take the idols from the front side most of them were either profile or back.

    b. the bhajan should have been thru out as it was very calming.

    hope to c more of ur work

  2. Thank you Hemisha for dropping by.

    a. Yeah, I will put more videos with front shots of Lord Ganesha.

    b. Part of the film, I wanted to give the glimpse of the atmosphere – sound of sea waves and background noise. Next time I definitely I will put soothing music through out.

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