Next chief minister of Andhra Pradesh

Why should Jagan be made chief minister??
Is this a family business???
It is about the future of 8 crore people.

Is it because he inherits his father’s ‘property’?
As a son, Jagan inherits his father’s individual properties, not his chief minister-ship.
This is people’s state. It is not a family business.
When will these headless Indian politicians change?? All these senior cabinet ministers decided that they want Jagan as CM…. How foolish?? They don’t have self respect…. they have a typical cheap mentality of hero worship…. they want to show off their “loyalty” to Y. S. Rajasekhar Reddy by showing “sympathy”. Choosing a deceased chief minister’s son as heir to his seat is not the right way to sympathize…. Sympathy should remain at a personal level.
It should not be taken to this extreme extant of cheating the 8 crore people.
Nobody has the right to make such foolish decisions.

Sri Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy was democratically elected by the people because people felt that he is a capable leader because of his proven capabilities.
Giving away the seat to Jagan just because he is YSR’s son is betrayal to the people faith in the party.

I sincerely hope that the Indian Congress leaders will act maturely and choose a right leader as YSR’s successor and won’t give in to the emotional games of these petty politicians in the state.
It should be given to a leader of proven track record of selfless service to the people and capabilities.. Some one like Daggubati Purandeswari.

Originally posted this comment at the express buzz article

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