Problem with Make My Trip – Never user their bus booking service

A few days ago I booked a bus ticket through

The bus not only did not stop at the boarding point but also has one of the worst services I have ever had.

Following is my email to their customer support to which they have not even bothered to reply till now.
I am planning to take a severe legal action against them in case they do not respond properly soon.

Gmail Krishna Reddy 

Please Cancel & do the needful – Re: Your MakeMyTrip bus e-ticket for booking id:BUS50009116874053 (Hyderabad-Anaparthi)

Krishna Reddy Sun, May 9, 2010 at 9:08 PM



I have booked a bus ticket (Make My Trip Id: BUS50009116874053) through your portal
The journey was from Hyderabad to Anaparthi and boarding time was 10:40 pm at Panjagutta in Hyderabad.
Other ticket details can be found in your email below.

However, the bus did not stop at the designated boarding point mentioned in the ticket.
The bus passed by the boarding point but did not even slow down there, let alone halting.
This despite my being present at the boarding point much before the boarding time and waving at the bus when it was passing through the boarding point.

Then I consistently kept calling up all five contact numbers of the bus operator (model travels) mentioned in the ticket.
There was no response at all from 4 of the five numbers you have mentioned in the ticket.
Upon calling the fifth number, I was given another phone number and was asked to call that number.
This sixth number happened to be a wrong number.

Then I called up your call center number and Mr. Jitendra picked up the call. I explained him the problem then he said that he would check with the bus operator and would call me back within 20 minutes.

However there was no call from your end for a long time.
So frustrated at this, I had to call you back; this time I had to explain the whole problem again to Mr. Fareed Ahmed, who picked up the call.
Then he said he could neither help or arrange for an alternative.

This whole episode caused me utter inconvenience and severe mental trauma as there was no alternative way to travel to Anaparthi, where I had to go to urgently, nor did I have a place to stay in the midnight.

So hereby I request you to kindly
1) Do the needful to compensate me for my loss
2) Take a strict action against the bus operator and
3) Remove the bus operator from your service list.
4) Please escalate this issue to the highest level of your customer care and other concerned departments.

Anticipating your appropriate response at the earliest.
Thanking you…

Best regards,
Krishna Reddy
Mobile: +91-9987375860

On Sat, May 8, 2010 at 9:03 AM, <> wrote:


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*T&C Apply
Booking Details
From: Hyderabad Bus Operator: Model Travels Make My Trip Id: BUS50009116874053
To: Anaparthi Bus Type: Non A/C Seater (2+2) Operator PNR: TC6668637834
Journey Date: 8-May-10 Passengers: 1 Ticket Number: MODEL147521-MT 901
Boarding Time: 10:40 PM  Total Fare: Rs.340.0    
*Please reach your boarding point 15 minutes before the scheduled boarding time
Passenger Details
S.No Name Seat Seat Type S.No Name Seat Seat Type
1.  Mr Krishna Reddy  J1  Seater         
Boarding Point Details
Boarding Point: Panjagutta
Location: Panjagutta Landmark: Petrol Bunk
Address: Punjagutta,Civil Supplies Building, Petrol Bunk,
Bus Operator Contact Number: 040-64615555,64566555,23150378,23154599,9246191955
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What documents I need to board my bus?
    Please carry a print out of this e-ticket along with an identity proof with your photograph on it. Failing to do so, you may not be allowed to board the bus.
  • Do I need to reconfirm my booking?
    No, your booking is confirmed and there is no need to re confirm the same.
  • How do I cancel my ticket?
    Please mail us at or call us at 0124-462-8765 (Standard Charges Apply) or 1800-103-8765 (Toll Free) to cancel your e-ticket.
    MakeMyTrip would not be able to process refunds for cancellations done directly with the bus operators.
  • Can I do partial cancellations (e.g. cancel only 2 passengers out of 4 booked)?
    Partial cancellations are not allowed. You would need to cancel the entire ticket.
  • What are the cancellation charges if I cancel my e-ticket?
    A cancellation fee will be levied on every bus ticket cancelled. Applicable charges are:
    – Cancellation more than 24 hours before travel – 25% of the fare paid (Refund amount will be Rs 255)
    – Cancellation within 24 hours before travel – 100% of the fare paid (Refund amount will be Rs 0)
  • How do I contact
    For your boarding point or departure time queries please call Model Travels directly at 040-64615555,64566555,23150378,23154599,9246191955 .
    To get in touch with, mail us as or call us at 0124-462-8765 (Standard Charges Apply) or 1800-103-8765 (Toll Free).
Important Terms & Conditions
  • Agency: MakeMyTrip (India) Pvt. Ltd (hereinafter ‘MMT’) is only providing the services as agent of various tour operators (hereinafter ‘Operators’). MMT’s obligations are limited to issuance of ticket, providing information as made available to it and processing refunds. MMT is not responsible for the provision of services by the respective operator. MMT assumes no responsibility or liability for the actions or omissions of the operators including non-adherence of the scheduled timings, behavior of the operator’s staff, conditions inside the buses, loss of life or property, delay, breakdown or inconvenience suffered by the user or passenger.
  • The primary passenger is required to furnish a print out of the e-ticket and an identity proof with the passenger’s photograph on it at time of boarding the bus. Failing to do so, the bus operator may not allow boarding.
  • The bus e-ticket booked is non transferable.
  • The bus operator reserves the right to change the seat number(s) of the passenger(s).
  • The bus operator reserves the right to change the boarding point and/or using a pick-up vehicle at the boarding point to take customers to the bus departure point
  • The departure and arrival timings mentioned on the e-ticket are only tentative timings. The same are subject to change.
  • The bus trips may be delayed, postponed or cancelled due to unavoidable reasons.
  • Provision of video/air conditioning or any such other services is the responsibility of the bus operator. Any refunds/claims due to non-functioning or unavailability of these services needs to be settled directly with the service provider (the bus operator).
  • In the event of cancellation of a bus/service trip, MMT’s liability will be limited only to the extent of refunding the sum paid by the passenger for the price of the e-ticket.
  • In case the bus operator changes the type of bus due to unavoidable reasons, MMT will refund the differential amount (difference in fare between the bus type booked and bus type provided, where a lower bus type is provided) to the customer upon being intimated by the customer within 3 days of the journey.

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  1. I happened to reach your blog through complaints/reviews against Make My Trip. Sorry if the comments section is for your friends/acquaintances. I'm just too tempted to share my personal experience which left me extremely depressed.

    I booked a trip to India via Make My Trip (MMT), it involved a change of 3 flights. I had to cancel that booking but intended to use it within expiration period of 6 months, moved to another city but still planned to go back to previous city just to utilize the tckt. So, I was going to take 4 flights to get to India and another 3 while returning. But I was willing to do that to avoid mental trauma of talking with MMT (previous experiences had already left a bitter taste) However, few days later, my health got really worse and because the path to recovery is a long process, I asked for a refund based on my health documents. For 3-4 weeks they refused saying I wasn't hospitalized so I wasn't eligible. Then I was asked to talk with Malik Manjoo in NYC, for 3 weeks he assured me I'll get a refund check ASAP. Then he backed out saying the airlines will instead give me a non-stop tckt to India so I don't have to travel 4 flights. He assured me that it is MMT's responsibility if things go wrong. I called several times on their toll free #s, each time a different reply with a patent "I apologize for the inconvenience, someone will get back to you within an hour/few hours" but that never happened. Today on the last day of the ticket expiration date, I called over 10 times and finally they said I should pay $325 more, get the same 4 flight itinerary. I was like, if my health permitted me to do that, why would I in the first place begin this whole thing? But they are just insensitive. I suffer from vertigo at times and have passed out few times. I told the exec that 4 flights will increase my ailment, I would be a liability for co-passengers, why put them through trouble? I want to be a good Samaritan but these rogues are just not concerned! More so I never ever shared my dad's name or email ID with them, there are prior emails of the same ticket which don't have his name. But then when I asked for a refund, they included my dad's professional work ID in our email convos- how did they find out that? I called and warned them, again they did that- again warned. Today when finally I told them l will let the ticket go, not spend more money, I told this guy Deepak negi how stupid his co-workers were to include dad's email ID. Guess what? 15 mins later, Deepak Negi writes to me my whole ticket history with cc to my dad again! What language am I supposed to talk with them in? I even sent them an email asking them not to do so, but no help. My dad doesn't work there anymore but the company was still scanning his emails so imagine a woman's embarrassment that her dad's ex-coworkers know of her personal health issues! So anyways, I've complained to the BBB and some other websites. Not sure if it'll give me my money back but at least I can reach out to public and tell them to stay away from these rogues. Their exec tells me "you can email us your feedback on this ID" I thought who writes to OSama saying "you killed too many people, here is my feedback for the damage you caused in my life" Seriously????

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